MOO MOO Burger

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Our Goal

In 1880s, the first burger was invented. Moving 120 years onwards, burgers are distinguished into two types: 1) fast and cheap, but taste behhh; 2) fancy and delicious, but super expensive.

In 2018, MOO MOO was founded with the goal to bring high quality, fresh and delicious burger at an affordable price. MOO MOO believe everyone should be able to enjoy best quality burgers without having to pay extra costs other than the food costs itself.

MOO MOO hand-make all their premium Australian ‘grain-fed’ beef patties daily, butter their custom-made buns hourly and produce the delicious burgers on demand!

Come to MOO MOO today, and you’ll realise that good burgers aren’t always expensive, and affordable priced burgers can be delicious!

Bon appetit